Sofa Dry Cleaning Process

sofa dry cleaning process
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Sofa Dry Cleaning Process

ShineProof, a one-stop solution to all cleaning services, excels in sofa dry cleaning along with sofa cum beds, couches etc. With advanced technology, competitive pricing and modern equipment’s, Shineproof provides a satisfactory result to its customers. The company is operation currently in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram & Ghaziabad and has served thousands of customers so far.

Shineproof follows three major protocols for dry-cleaning i.e. vacuum, injection and extraction.

Vacuuming: our professionals use high power vacuum cleaners to remove any dry dust not only from the exposed surfaces but also from the corners and within.

Injection: a powerful and high-quality cleaning agent is injected into the sofa thereby dissolving all the trapped dust and dirt.

Extraction: where all the dirt is being drawn out completely using another set of vacuum cleaner. The sofa is in a semi-dry state after the entire process and usually takes 2-3 hours to dry completely. The entire process takes from several minutes to hours depending upon no. of seats/sofa.

ShineProof cleans sofa’s made of different fabrics such as leather, jute etc. The company provides the best in-house trained staffs to its customers with a complete background check thus assuring them of best services at disposal.

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