Car Dry Cleaning

Car Dry Cleaning Services

Car Dry Cleaning

Shine Proof brings the professional and compact pack of complete Car Dry Cleaning Services within your reach in your nearby locations in Delhi and NCR. We pamper your car with the right mix of tools and cleaning agents and depart you great satisfaction with your car looks.

Car dry cleaning & car cleaning and detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior car cleaning. Shine Proof Services provide these services at various location in delhi NCR, Doorstep Car Cleaning In Delhi, Car Cleaning In Noida, Car Cleaning in Ghaziabad, Doorstep Car Cleaning In Gurgaon.

Car Dry Cleaning Process

For a detailed car cleaning, we follow step by step process on both interior and exterior areas of your vehicle. Here they are:

Interior: The cleaning and detailing part of car’s interior begins with:

Dashboard: Dashboard and steering wheel is cleaned.
Floor: The dust and dirt accommodated on the floor and mat is sucked via vacuum cleaner.
Seats: Initially, vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dust followed with the dry cleaning process on the car seats.
Roof: Stains, if any are removed from the car roof.
Boot: Vacuum cleaner is used to clean the car boot.

Exterior: The cleaning of car’s exteriors goes like this:

Dust removal: Through microfiber cloth, the dust from the car’s exterior is removed.
Pre wash: Pre wash is applied using shampoo.
Alloy cleanliness: Bumper, grills, wheel, door, etc are cleaned.
Glass clean-up: Windows glasses and windshield is cleaned.
Car polishing: Exterior body is polished using car wax.

We own the proficient team of cleaners who will perform the car dry cleaning services in both interior and exterior part of your vehicle. Entail your car with complete care service package and effectively enhance its life by procuring our best car dry cleaning services.

Car Dry Cleaning Price Delhi, Noida

Car Hatchback Interior 1000/-
Car Sedan Interior 1100/-
Car SUV Interior 1400/-

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